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Technical Data

OY-FGA, CM170-1, s/n 230 production year 1959.

Engines Turboméca Marbore II
Max thrust 2x400 kgs (2x880 lbs)
Wingspan 12.15 m
Length 10.05 m
Height 2.80 m
Max takeoff weight 3,200 kgs
Empty weight 2,150 kgs
Vmo 400 kts (741 km/t)

Mmo M .82 (990 km/t)
Take-off speed 95 kts (176 km/t)
Approach speed 105 kts (194 km/t)
Stall speed 78 kts (144 km/t)
Max climb 3,150 ft/min (16 m/sec)
Range 1,250 km
Ceiling 35.000 ft (11,700 m)
Fuel capacity 980 l

Fuel consumption on ground (taxi) at sea level 6 l/min
Fuel consumption economical cruise 1,000 ft 12 l/min
Fuel consumption economical cruise 30,000 ft 6.5 l/min
Fuel consumption max power 1,000 ft 20 l/min
Roll rate >200 degrees/sec
Loop radius 4,000 ft (1,200 m)

The Fouga Magister is fully aerobatic and has served with famous display teams as Patrouille de France, The Red Devils (Belgium), The Silver Swalows (Ireland). The limitations are +5.5G and ­3G. A pressurised tank makes at least 1 minute of continuous inverted flight possible. OY-FGA is equipped with two special build seat-type parachutes.

Operating costs (approximate):
Fixed yearly costs 250,000 DKK
Additional cost pr. hr. 5,000 DKK